Expect the unexpected. Clarinets and power chords. Banjo and delta blues. earth.boy's songs are unique combinations of familiar sounds. No two are alike yet there is a common thread that unites them.  From jazz to punk and everything in between, earth.boy is always listenable and often contagious.  

The music just keeps on coming! My latest album , Café au Lait,  an homage to Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli,  will soon be released on all streaming services. It is now featured on my Audio page.

My  previous album, Reflections was released in early December of 2022 and is now available in my Audio section.  Earlier in 2022 I released An Epistle to Whimsy, a collection of  mostly acoustic whimsies,  A Joyful Sound,  a collection of 24 original jazz and acoustic compositions, Blues in a Jar,  a collection of 12 original blues tunes with an emphasis on acoustic and resonator guitar and Mystery & Ambiguity, a unique fusion of ambient acoustic, electric and classical sounds.

My tastes are eclectic and so are my albums. Planet of Gypsies, Love Is a Kind of Lonesome, Simply Yours, 2020, Pássaro Do Jazz  and Planet Jazz  are all jazz-oriented. Old Wine New Bottles and Homespun  showcase my take on Americana,  Reggae Planet needs no explanation, True North and Rainforest Chronicles are acoustic and my earlier albums are a mix of rock, blues, jazz and country. 

Just go to the audio page, where all of the albums (or, if you prefer, individual tracks) can be downloaded for free. Or stream on Apple, Spotify, Amazon or any of the other streaming services.