Expect the unexpected. Clarinets and power chords. Banjo and delta blues. earth.boy's songs are unique combinations of familiar sounds. No two are alike yet there is a common thread that unites them.  From jazz to punk and everything in between, earth.boy is always listenable and often contagious. 

Finally it's 2021!  My latest release, Simply Yours, a collection of instrumental jazz ballads, hit the stands on Valentine's Day

2020 was a productive year for me and saw the release of 3 albums. Homespun features banjo ,fiddle, acoustic guitar and a newgrass  feel. 2020 has a laid-back, mellow and positive jazz vibe that makes it the perfect companion for the pandemic blues. True North is a
collection of 12 original tunes and two cover songs celebrating Canada, The True North Strong and Free. 

Just go to the audio page, where all of the albums (or, if you prefer, individual tracks) can be downloaded for free. Or stream on Apple, Spotify, Amazon or any of the other streaming services.